ACNE Control Clear Kit


Acne Control Clear Kit

This Acne Control Clear Kit contains…

1. Acne Cream

Apply this cream around the acne prone areas to relieve the inflammation and reduce the chance of new acne. The concentrated natural-extract ingredients will reduce the excessive sebum and tighten the facial pores which will stop the growth of bacteria, the main cause of inflammatory acne. This acne cream will prevent acne outbreaks, reduce the rashes, reduce acne inflammation, and stimulate more deteriorated skin cell exfoliation. As a consequence, the comedones will be removed easily, the skin will be moisturized and hydrated, dark spots will fade away, and your skin will be perfectly smooth and radiant.

Directions: Apply this acne cream on the acne prone areas before bed

Main Ingredients:

Salicylic Acid: Reduces acne inflammation, and stimulates skin cell exfoliation, which will make it easier to remove the comedones

Triclosan: Anti-bacteria, and reduces the rashes

Sebustop: Reduces excessive sebum, and tightens the facial pores

Glycolic acid: Stimulates skin cell exfoliation

Lactic Acid: This milk extract will prevent the growth of bacteria

2. Acne Gel

This product helps reducing the acne inflammation, reducing the chance of forming new acne, and also helps preventing bacteria growth – the main cause of pore clogging which leads to acne breakouts – without leaving any acne scars or black spots.

Directions: Apply this acne gel on the inflammatory acne areas 2 times a day, in the morning and before bed time

Main Ingredients:

Hyaluronic Acid: Repairing degenerated skin cell, being an antioxidant, keeping the skin hydrated, and also acting as a UV protection

Salicylic Acid: Reducing acne inflammation, and exfoliating the skin cell

Triclosan: Anti bacteria, and reduce the rashes

Chamomile Extract: Reducing skin irritation and inflammation caused by acne

3. Spot Eraser

This product contains the natural extracts that can efficiently reduce melanin production, together with an antioxidant efficiency which will protect your skin from the harm possibly caused by sunlight. It will keep your skin hydrated, reduce inflammation and irritation, and will also whiten and brighten your facial skin.

Directions: Apply this spot eraser all over the face 2 times a day, in the morning and before bed time

Main Ingredients:

Alpha Arbutin: The innovation that could reduce the color of melanin by stimulating the enzymes, brighten the skin, and reducing dark spots caused by acne and/ or sunlight

Kojic Diplamitate: Reduces melanin production, which will give more radiant effect and also brighten the skin

4. Clear Soap

A high-efficiency facial skin cleanser with super soft and gentle bubbles that will deeply cleanse your skin without causing the skin to feel too dry or tight. It will reduce the growth of bacteria – the main cause of inflammatory acne, remove all of the pore clogging residue, and will reduce excessive oil. This soap also contains the amino acid that is essential for skin repair and balance.

Directions: Gently use this product to cleanse your face 2 times a day

Main Ingredients:

Cocamidopropy Betaine: Skin detergent that could create soft and gentle bubbles

Sodium PCA: The amino acid that gives essential substances for skin repair and balance. It also keeps the skin hydrated and helps increasing skin elasticity.

Salicylic Acid: Gently exfoliates degenerated skin cells

Triclosan: Combats bacteria, and effectively reduces the rashes

Glycolic Acid: This sugar cane extract helps exfoliating the skin cells while stimulating the skin cell repair. It helps reducing dark spots caused by acne, and also helps smoothening the skin.