Collagen Tripeptide 1300 MG

The nutritional supplements in the form of tablets with premium collagen tripeptide, 1,300 milligrams in each, from deep-sea fish in Japan. Its super-tiny-sized molecules allow the body to absorb the nutrition to use at once, which is 3 times faster and much more effective than the other kinds of collagen product. This product is definitely clean and safe for consumption. It has no unsatisfactory odor, which makes it easy to consume. It will smoothen, moisturize, and will also bring the youthful effect back to your skin.

Dosage and Use: 1 tablet per day, either in the morning or before bed time (taking on an empty stomach is recommended for an accelerated result)

Main Ingredients:

Collagen Tripeptide: This kind of collagen, also known as Hydrolysed Collagen, is a collagen that has been broken down by the acid until it has the smallest possible molecules. The smaller the molecules, the better absorbing potential they have. Besides, the structure of the collagen tripeptide extracted from the deep-sea fish is quite similar to human’s collagen structure, compared to the collagen structures from the other kinds of animal, such as pigs, cows, and the other kinds of fish.


  • Helps reinforcing the collagen and elastin tissue underneath the skin, while replenishing and reducing the wrinkles.
  • Helps moisturizing, smoothening, rejuvenating, and tightening the skin for a noticeably softness, smoothness, and radiant effect.
  • Helps strengthening the joints and the bones, reducing calcium degeneration, and also relieving joint pain.
  • Helps nourishing dry and sensitive skin, while protecting it from any harm that may caused by sunlight.

***This product can be consumed by any age groups, especially for the adolescents, since the collagen in the body will mostly start to deteriorate from the age of 20s. Therefore, to maintain the youthful skin condition, to keep nourishing your skin, and to defend your skin against aging wrinkles, collagen tripeptide should be consumed regularly and continuously in order to slow down the collagen deterioration in the body.

Warnings: This product should not be consumed during pregnancy and by children. This product does not have any healing or protection against any disease.