Healthy White Cream


This Healthy White Cream will bring the radiant effect to your skin, along with rejuvenating and preventing new dark spots from cropping up. It will also stimulate the degenerated cell exfoliation, reduce aging wrinkles, and suppress the melanin production. For those who have sensitive skin, this product will help relieving the irritation and inflammation as well as balancing the skin condition, controlling sebum oil, and strengthening the skin. Its antioxidant property will also lessen the redness and irritation triggered by UV rays. Reducing the appearance of melasma and dark spots.

Directions: Apply this Healthy White Cream all over the facial area before bed time

Main Ingredients:

Madonna Lily Leaf Cell Extract: An extract from rare French plants

Polypeptides: Melanin-controlled substance, which will prevent the melanin from transmitting to the epidermis

Swiss Garden Cress Sprout: An extract from Swiss sprouts in the form of Lyposome

Sulforaphane: A high performance antioxidant from plants working as a skin detox substance

Kappaphycus Alvarezii Extract: An extract from kappa (red seaweed)

Phycobiliprotein, Carotenoilds: A whitening and hydrating substance, which has an ability to reduce skin inflammation, suppress melanin production, and reduce dark spots

Malt Barley: An extract from malt barley

Oligomeric Pronto Cyanidolins-OPC & Ferulic Acid: A super high performance antioxidant polyphenol match that can prevent an oxidation caused by lipid

Oligopeptide-1: An initial substance for skin cell production that can help reducing wrinkles, healing skin cell, as well as nourishing the skin

Liquorice (or Licorice): A derivative extract from liquorice roots

Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate: A Glycyrrhizin derivative which can prevent inflammation, heal up the skin, and also control sebum oil

Aloverose: An extract from aloe vera. Keep the skin hydrate and reduce irritation

Comfre Extract: An extract from Comfre

Allantoin: Reduce an irritation and inflammation triggered by pollutions and sunlight


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