The tablet nutritional supplements for skin nourishing and whitening with healthy radiant effect. This latest research innovation from the USA is a natural extract from special kind of tomatoes that has a potential to protect your skin from damages caused by UV rays, and to enrich your skin by its exclusive ingredients.

Dosage and Use: 1 tablet per day, in the morning before exposing to sunlight (taking on an empty stomach is recommended for an accelerated result)

Main Ingredients:

L-Glutathione: An antioxidant substance that has a potential to decrease cell degeneration and to detoxify the toxicant substances in the body. It helps protecting your liver from the damages caused by alcohol, suppressing melanin production, as well as reducing the chance of forming blemish.

L-Cysteine: This antioxidant substance helps reinforcing protein in the body (such as nails and hair), repairing the skin cells damaged from harmful rays, suppressing melanin production, and stimulating the production of faded melanin.

L-Glutamine: Helps stimulating protein and muscle biosynthesis, hormones production, and also accelerating body growth. It can also reduce the chance of catching a cold or getting infected, reduce fatigue and muscle degeneration, and also degrade the lactic acid caused by excessive exercise.

Glycine: Help turning glucose into cell energy which helps improving cell elasticity and keeps the cell hydrated, by reason of being the main structure of collagen in the skin cell.

Alpha Lipoic Acid: Being 4-5 times more efficient than Vitamin E and 50 times than Vitamin C, this high-level antioxidant substance is going to help preventing the cause of acne, the inflammation from acne, as well as scars on the other area of the body. It also helps improving blood circulation which leads to more refreshing and healthy looking skin.

Pine Bark Extract: Apart from preventing collagen from possible damages, strengthening and tightening the skin, and improving blood vessels’ elasticity and durability, this extract can also help with the protection from skin damages potentially caused by harmful rays and chemicals as well as the prevention of a chance to lose vitamin C and E.

Acerola Cherry Extract: With its concentrated vitamin C and antioxidant property, this extract helps with wrinkles reduction and dark spots erasure while suppressing the function of the enzyme that control the production of melanin.

Beta-Carotene: This crucial precursor of vitamin A with fat soluble property mostly found in orange or yellow vegetables is able to delay the body cell degeneration and to produce the healthier ones, which is good for your eyes and also reduce the chance of cancer.

Vitamin E: Helps giving bright and radiant effect to your skin while having a potential to reduce wrinkles and heal burnt wounds, this kind of vitamin helps with skin reinforcement by making it more enduring against UV rays and strengthening the cells’ wall.

Warnings: This product should not be consumed during pregnancy and by children. This product does not have any healing or protection against any disease.