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Permanent Hair Removal, Smooth Skin, Safe for All Skin Types, the World’s Latest Innovation First in Thailand at DOCTOR TONY CLINIC

Coolglide YAG – Permanent Hair Removal, Smooth Skin, Safe for All Skin Types, the World’s Latest Innovation First in Thailand at Doctor Tony Medical Center

  • Hair Removal in Today’s Era
  • What is Coolglide YAG?
  • Why Choose Coolglide YAG?
  • Results from Real Users
  • How Many Days to See Results?
  • Preparing Before and After

Hair Removal in Today’s Era The hair removal market is continuously growing. In the United States alone, it has grown to a value of up to 1.35 billion US dollars. This is due to the fact that people today take better care of themselves, and hair removal with the Coolglide device has produced good, safe results without surgery and without the need for recovery time.

CoolGlide® YAG is FDA-approved and recognized by dermatologists worldwide as the best laser device suitable for all skin types and hair sizes, whether dark or light. The CoolGlide® YAG device head is designed to access all areas of the body, such as the face, arms, legs, bikini line, with a cooling system on the machine to reduce heat sensation for the recipient.

What is Coolglide YAG? 

The CoolGlide® YAG device is the latest innovation in the world that combines Alexandrite laser at a wavelength of 755 nanometers (nm) and Long-pulse at a wavelength of 1064 nm, working together efficiently to permanently remove hair on all skin types. Both wavelengths can also address skin pigmentation issues and help rejuvenate the skin to a healthy, smooth, and even complexion. Moreover, Coolglide YAG also has a cooling system while providing services to emphasize the comfort of the recipient, as well as safety, which is the company’s signature, Cutera.

Why Choose Coolglide YAG Better Technology

  • The two wavelengths make it suitable for all skin types, whether fine or dark hair.
  • Helps with uneven skin tone, reducing dark circles, and dark spots.
  • Helps in skin rejuvenation

Improved Experience

  • Can choose the energy level as desired
  • Has a cooling system during treatment, making the recipient feel comfortable and pain-free

Most Cost-Effective

  • No limit to the number of shots, allowing for customized treatment for the recipient
  • Covers many problems in one device
  • Satisfactory results from users, with results seen as early as the first treatment


How Many Days to See Results? After the first treatment, you will begin to notice visible results, and the results will improve after 4-6 treatments. It is recommended to consult with the doctor to assess the skin condition and design a personalized treatment program for the best results.


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