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DEFINISSE thread lift tightens and slims the face without surgery, long-lasting results 

DEFINISSE, the Italian thread lift, endorsed by Oho Pakjira

Ms. Oho Pakjira Wanansut, a famous actress and host, chose to use the DEFINISSE Italian thread lift service. Ms. Oho mentioned that as she gets older, she needs to start taking care of her face, which is beginning to sag. She had never undergone any services before, and her concern was the fear of pain, as she had heard that thread lifting required the use of many threads, which could cause pain during the procedure and sometimes the results might not last long.

However, after studying, she gained confidence in the Definess thread lift from Italy because it uses only a few threads, making it less painful than regular thread lifting. Importantly, there is no need for recovery time, and you can resume your daily life immediately. Moreover, the DEFINISSE thread from Italy also helps stimulate collagen under the skin.

Advantages of the DEFINISSE thread lift:

1: It is the only type of thread lift endorsed in Thailand.

 2: The material is stronger, made from copolymer, a blend of PLLA and PCL materials, making it lift the skin more effectively.

 3: Helps stimulate collagen production under the skin. 

4: The threads are self-dissolving, natural-like, and can last up to 12-15 months.

Treatment process:

1: Cleanse and thoroughly cleanse the skin. 2: The doctor will assess the facial structure in detail. 3: Plan the treatment on the face. 4: Wipe the skin with antiseptic solution and inject anesthesia.

Who is suitable for the DEFINISSE thread lift:

1: People who want to maintain cheek contours.

2: People who want to maintain facial contours.



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