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Depilight is a Diode Laser, especially used for hair removal, which is suitable for medium-dark skin like Asian skin tones and hair colors. This kind of laser comes with a special cooling system which will leave you no red spot or any laser burn, yet could painlessly remove hair from your face, abdomen, legs, arms, underarms or even your bikini line. Apart from its efficient hair removal ability, Depilight is also used to treat acne as well.

How does Depilight Laser work

The laser will target hair roots in the deep dermis. The melanin in the hair root will absorb energy from the laser and turn it into thermal energy which will rapidly ruin the hair, hair roots, and hair tissues. This procedure will slow down the future hair growth and will make the new growing hair look thinner, shorter, lighter in color and less noticeable. The hair in that particular area could be completely vanished by receiving the laser treatment regularly.

Area Can The Depilight Laser


Advantages of Depilight Laser

  • Painless, leaves no scar and need no anesthetic in operation.
  • Takes short operating time, compared to the other kinds of hair removal laser.
  • Effectively remove any type of hair.
  • Delay and reduce growing hair.
  • Tighten and smoothen particular skin area.
  • Doesn’t cause ingrown hair.
  • Slightly erase shallow wrinkles or fine lines.


Q&A Depilight Laser

Preparation Before Depilight Laser

Do not pluck or wax your hair in that particular area for at least 2 weeks before getting the treatment, but shaving can be done instead. Shaving is also allowed if any hair appear to grow while waiting for the next treatment.

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