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What is droopy eyelid surgery?

Droopy eyelids make the face look sad and dull. Correct them with double eyelid surgery at Doctor Tony.Women in their 60s with droopy eyelids obstructing their vision can undergo double eyelid surgery to make their eyes look brighter and younger.

“Droopy eyelids” is a common problem with multiple concerns, as it makes the face look older than it is, dull, tired, and sleepy. This issue is often found in individuals aged 35 and older. Surgical correction can rejuvenate the eyelids, making them sharper and more lively.

What is ptosis?

The eyelid is an organ that helps protect the eye from potential dangers such as sunlight, bright light, artificial light, dust, and foreign objects that may damage the cornea. Ptosis is a condition where the skin covering the upper eyelid descends more than normal, obstructing vision. Normally, the upper eyelid should cover the eye no more than 2 millimeters. If it descends further, it can reduce the amount of visible eye. This can be corrected with eyelid surgery, with the doctor determining the appropriate technique for the patient.

Causes of ptosis

Ptosis can occur due to various reasons, such as abnormalities of the eyelid muscles, accidents involving the eyelid, eyelid inflammation, and weak eyelid muscles. It can also be caused by habits that stretch or injure the muscles, such as frequent eye rubbing, wearing improperly curved contact lenses, or allergic reactions to contact lenses due to inadequate cleaning. Additionally, it can result from problems with the third cranial nerve or tumors pressing on the nerve, leading to droopy or weak eyelids. It can also occur as a complication of eye surgery or surgery around the eyes that affects the eyelid muscles.

Symptoms of ptosis

  • The eyelid that was previously normal begins to droop more than usual, obstructing vision.
  • There may be a burning or heavy sensation in the eyelid.
  • The eye appears less open and makes it difficult to see clearly.
  • Techniques suitable for correcting ptosis

Double eyelid surgery technique “Perfect Lock”

This is a specialized technique for creating natural-looking, sharp eyelids. The surgeon evaluates and designs the procedure specifically for the individual, then performs cosmetic surgery on the eyelid and eyelid muscles directly, locking the eyelid in place permanently. The incision is closed using a special technique, resulting in a small wound, reduced scarring, and minimal recovery time.

How is the “Perfect Lock” technique beneficial?

  • Beautiful, sharp eyelids look natural and increase confidence significantly.
  • Small wounds heal quickly, reducing scarring and requiring less recovery time.
  • The face looks younger, more vibrant, and the vision is clearer, especially for those with droopy eyelids obstructing their vision.

The “Perfect Lock” technique is suitable for those who:

  • Want to enhance their eyelids or make them clearer.
  • Have uneven eyelids or droopy eyelids that make their face look sad.
  • Have excessive eyelid skin and fat.

Double eyelid surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries, helping to reshape the eyelids to look beautiful, with a good double fold that fits the face. It also corrects issues such as uneven eyelids, droopy eyelids, sad eyes, and tired eyes. Moreover, double eyelid surgery can also correct problems like sagging eyelids and under-eye bags, making the face look younger. There are various techniques for double eyelid surgery that help adjust the eye structure to look beautiful, natural, and without the scarring that many people worry about.




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