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Filler is Hyaluronic Acid or HA, which contains high stability and properties of absorbing liquid. HA is on the human body so it is safe with no risk of allergy and harm. HA is dissolvable without leaving the residue.

How does filler work

Benefits of Filler Injection

Injecting HA Filler with the authentic and standard products certified by FAD and injected by the expert and skillful physician results in the natural juvenile. HA Filler is toxin-free so there is no harm to the body, a low risk of allergy, and the body can dissolve it without leaving the residue.

Positions of Filler Injection

  1. Nose Bridge – Solid filler is filled into the nose bridge for the natural-looking prominent nose. No surgery needed.
  2. Under Eyes – Fill the eye sockets and deep tear trough, or smoothen the under-eye bags.
  3. Wrinkles – Fill up wrinkles.
  4. Deep Nasolabial Folds and Marionette Lines – The injecting spot that makes you look several years younger.
  5. Chin – The naturally longer chin for the one who has a short chin.
  6. Forehead – Reduce the wrinkles and lines, and fill up the forehead for a perfect convex shape.
  7. Lips – Full and beautiful lips shape. Eliminate small lines and wrinkles around the lips.
  8. Atrophic Scars – Fill up the atrophic scars and smoothen the skin.
  9. Neck and Chest – Minimize lines and wrinkles for smoother and firm skin.
  10. Back of the Hand – Reduce lines and smooth and strengthen the skin to hide the actual age.

8-Injection Face Lift Technique

Aside from injecting HA filler fill-up, there is an injecting technique for face lifting.

On our face, there are fat compartments, which were very tight when we were young, so our skin was tight and firm. People call it baby fat. When getting older, all fat compartments shrink and reduce, which creates a gap between them. Therefore, sagging skin at eight spots on the face, which are the connecting spots of the fat compartment, occurs.

Generally, the filler is injected under the skin surface to smoothen and tighten the skin. The 8-injection facelift injects the filler deep into the fat layer to fill the filler between a gap in the fat compartment. When each fat compartment connects, facial skin starts lifting and gives the natural juvenile look.

Areas that use filler

8 connecting spots of fat compartments

  1. Cheekbone
  2. Upper
  3. Cheek
  4. Deep Tear Trough
  5. Nasolabial Fold
  6. Marionette lines
  7. Side of Chine
  8. Front Auricle
  9. Cheek

Filler Is Best For:

  1. A person who wishes to reduce the deep lines and grooves.
  2. A person with sagging aging skin.
  3. A person with under-eye bags, deep tear trough, and deep under-eye problem.
  4. A person who wants to fix the unshaped or thin lips.
  5. A person who wants to fill up other parts, such as the nose, forehead, chin, etc.
  6. A person who has a problem with atrophic scars and large skin pores.
  7. A person who wishes to have moist skin.

Preparation Before Filler Injection

Stop taking Vitamin E, fish oil, collagen, Ginkgo biloba, anticoagulants, and some painkillers (aspirin and NSAIDs) one week before injection. All these drugs would obstruct a stop of bleeding, which may cause the bruise from ecchymosis. Report the congenital disease, drugs or supplementary food allergy history, or pregnancy to the doctor before injection.

Post Treatment Instructions

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