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ฉีดฟิลเลอร์ กรอบหน้าและคาง 


The jawline and chin shape the face structure, scale, and attractiveness. Many people have a problem with the unshaped jawline and chin, especially if the face shape is not distinct and has a chubby cheek. The clear jawline starts fading due to old age because the jawline is softer, which is the loss of cheek volume from the natural decrease of muscles and bone mass at 30 years old. In some cases, the lines and wrinkles are visible before 30 years old. Highlighting the jawline with the jawline and chin filler injection tightens, balances, and adds more dimension to the face. As a result, it gives a youthful look to you.

Adjusting Jawline and Chin with Filler

At present, jawline and chin adjustment does not require surgery, but filler can reshape the jawline and chin to have a balance scale. Importantly, no recuperation is needed after the injection. The filler is approved by FAD, such as JUVEDERM VOLUMA or RESTYLANE LYFT (hyaluronic acid), SCULPTRA (Poly-L-lactic acid), and RADIESSE (Calcium Hydroxyl). All are safe for making a slender and natural chin. It needs a shorter recuperation period than chin surgery.

ฉีดฟิลเลอร์ กรอบหน้าและคาง 

Jawline and Chin Filler is Best For:

  • A person who has no obvious jawline.
  • A person who has no clear chin line.
  • A person who has excess fat (Double chin).
  • A person who has sagging skin around the jawline.
  • A person who has an unbalanced face shape, short chin, square-shaped face, round-shape face, and want to have a small and slender chin.
  • A person who urgently needs a v-shaped face.

Benefits of Jawline and Chin Filler

  • Help to balance the face and have a perfect face shape with no surgery.
  • The immediate effective result with a sharper jawline and chin.
  • Lower expenses than chin surgery.
  • Take only 20 minutes for the whole process.
  • No recuperation is needed, and the person can return to the routine life normally.
  • No scar, bruise, swelling, or redness. Only a small needle mark that can be covered by make-up.

Results After Jawline and Chin Filler

  • A slender and longer chin.
  • A shaped and balanced face shape.
  • Result remains effective for 1-2 years (depending on each individual).
  • After filler injection, the filler can be added if the chin is still short, or partly dissolved if it is too long.
  • Zero chance of a misshapen chin problem because of using the authentic filler and injecting by the proficient doctor.

Preparation Before Filler Injection

Stop taking Vitamin E, fish oil, collagen, Ginkgo biloba, anticoagulants, and some painkillers (aspirin and NSAIDs) one week before injection. All these drugs would obstruct a stop of bleeding, which may cause the bruise from ecchymosis. Report the congenital disease, drugs or supplementary food allergy history, or pregnancy to the doctor before injection.


Frequent Questions About Filler Injection *

Is filler injection hurt?

– We can use a local anesthetic or ice compress to reduce the pain. Most patients have mild pain or no pain during the treatment.

How long does it take for the treatment?

– An approximate treatment time is about 20 minutes, depending on the injection position.

What is the process?

– The doctor will assess and give suggestions before injection. Then, the anesthetic is applied before injecting at the desired region. The patient can return to their routine life after the injection without any scar or bruise.

How long does the result remain?

– The result of filler treatment remains for 6 to 18 months.

What is the appropriate age to have a filler injection?

– It is suggested for a person aged 18 years old and over.

Reasons To Do Under-Eye Filler Injection at Dr. Tony Clinic

– Use all authentic Botox and filler products from Allergan.

– Vein scanner is used to find the veins, so it ensures that there is no bruise.

– Blunt cannula is used, which is safe for the under-eye veins.

– Safe injection technique is applied for the natural results.

– Injected by the doctor who is an Allergan Medical Institute Trainer in Thailand for ten years.

– Injected by the doctor who uses the filler by Allergan in the first Top-3 ranks.

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