Lip Reduction Surgery

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A procedure to enhance the shape of the lips, both upper and lower, to harmonize beautifully with the face, creating a lifted contour on the sides and a central projection similar to a Cupid’s bow, making the upper lip look more defined.

Lip Reduction Surgery

A surgery to reduce the thickness of the upper or lower lip to make it thinner. The reduction can be performed on either the upper or lower lip or both, depending on the individual.

Before performing lip surgery, the doctor will assess the patient.

Lip reduction surgery is popular among patients with thick lips that do not harmonize with their faces. Cheek augmentation surgery is suitable for those with relatively thick upper or lower lips or lips that are not aesthetically pleasing, as the surgery helps reduce the thickness of the lips and creates a beautiful shape.

  • The plastic surgeon evaluates and analyzes the lip shape, including the technique and scope of surgery for each individual to ensure that the surgery is appropriate for the patient’s face.
  • Before surgery, local anesthesia is injected.
  • Then, the surgeon removes the lip tissue according to the specified size and performs muscle contouring around the lips and shapes the upper lip to the desired shape.
  • The wound is then stitched layer by layer with absorbable sutures.

Post-Surgery Self-Care for Lip Surgery

Lip surgery is considered a minor surgery, and after the surgery, patients can return home to recover immediately.

Follow the doctor’s instructions carefully, take medication as prescribed. For the first 3-4 days, it is recommended to apply cold compresses to reduce swelling. Clean the lips and mouth properly. Brush teeth with children’s toothpaste, rinse the mouth with alcohol-free mouthwash to reduce the amount of bacteria. Avoid eating fermented foods, smoking, or drinking alcohol for the first 2 weeks after surgery. Eat soft, bland foods and let them cool before eating. Avoid applying colored lipstick for about 1 month to prevent irritation from chemicals that may darken the lips; you can use lip balm instead.

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