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Lipo Lift is injection of medicine into subcutis in order to burn excess fat which is a cause of plump or puffy face both cheek and neck wattle. Lipo Lift also helps facial lifting and protects the skin from flagginess after treatment. Besides, Lipo Lift can be injected into the excess fat areas, such as, abdomen, outer thigh, inner thigh, upper arm, back and waist.

What is Lipo Lift?

Injecting Lipo Lift fine thread is to inject fine thread to burn fat on cheek or neck wattle by natural medicine extracts which do not harm to body. The medicine will reduce size of fatty cells and remove them from body by natural mechanism. The fine thread will boost collagen to lift face leading the face smaller with firmness and unflagginess.

Conditions and Functions of Lipo Lift Fine Thread

  • Crystallized like biodegradable fine thread and produced from natural extracts the same as that of Cosmofy by forming 1-cm crystal in alcohol
  • Burn fat and lift face immediately by activating like Cosmofy but Lipo Lift has a longer functioning period and functions for 1-14 days until it decompose completely in subcutaneous layer. The metabolism of the body turns it to energy, sweat, and urine without residues in the body.
  • When embedded in the specified points of the body, it will boost fat dissolution, metabolism and blood circulation, as well as detoxification, excreting waste from the body, such as, sweat, urine, faeces, etc. to balance the body by homoeopathy.
  • Embedded in subcutaneous layer, the distance of each point on the face is 1 cm.
  • The fine thread coated with fat-burning medicine is extracted from nature and activated to reduce size of fatty cells and remove them from body by natural mechanism.


Who is Lipo Lift For?

  • People with excess fat on face, cheek and neck wattle
  • People reaching the age of 30 or over 30 years old, face starting to be flaggy, losing firmness, and lowering cheekbone
  • Inefficiency of Meso fat or Botox injection



Limitations of Lipo Lift Treatment

  • Do not recommend to inject on the filler areas because it slows down the decomposition of the fine thread.
  • Avoid embedding on the areas of under eyes, eyelids or nose.
  • Do not recommend for pregnant women.
  • Do not recommend for women with menstrual period.


Injecting Lipo Lift fine thread is to inject fine thread to burn fat and lift face to make the face smaller with firmness and unflagginess. The medicine will reduce size of fatty cells and remove them from body without yoyo effect after the treatment. For beauty with safety and efficiency, the patient should under the treatment of the physician.

People who would like to decrease the cheekbone due to the excess fat to make the face smaller but afraid of surgery, as well as burning fat by Lipo Lift, you can consult Dr. Tony or ask for more information at 0844329889, 0879996169 LINE: @Doctortony.

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