Open Nose Reconstruction

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Open Nose Reconstruction, also known as Open Rhinoplasty, is a surgical procedure to augment the nose, adjusting its entire structural base. It can address nasal issues precisely by opening the base of the nose on both sides to reveal its internal structure. This allows for analysis, correction, and customization of the shape as needed. Surgeons may use ear cartilage or septal cartilage in addition to the nasal bone to create a natural-looking nasal bridge, refine the nasal tip, make the tip protrude more, and reduce the risk of the tip collapsing.

Who is a candidate for Open Rhinoplasty? Open Rhinoplasty is suitable for individuals with low nasal volume, short noses, crooked noses, or complex nasal structural issues. It is also suitable for those with high nasal humps, those who have had previous nose augmentation surgeries resulting in accumulated damage, and those who have had fillers or liquid silicone injections.

  • Individuals with complex nasal structural issues that cannot be corrected with silicone
  • Those with a crooked nasal bridge
  • Individuals with low nasal volume and thin skin
  • Those with very short noses
  • Individuals with large noses
  • Those with a drooping nasal tip
  • Individuals with a hump on the nasal bridge
  • Those with noses resembling a bulbous or “infantile” shape
  • Individuals looking to change the shape of their nose
  • Those looking to have a more protruding nasal tip
  • Individuals who have had liquid injections or nose filler injections in the past

Advantages of Open Rhinoplasty

  • Can precisely correct nasal structure
  • Can adjust prominence and choose shape as desired
  • Can augment in any shape
  • Can narrow and beautify the nose, creating a natural-looking nasal bridge
  • Can elongate the nasal tip, making it more protruding
  • Reduces the risk of silicone piercing, deviation, or tilting
  • Provides the desired nose shape, protruding tip, or droplet tip, even with minimal nasal volume

Surgical nose augmentation often requires using cartilage from other parts of the body to create a new nasal structure. The preferred cartilage is often from the ear (ear cartilage), the nasal septum (septal cartilage), or the rib (costal cartilage). These cartilages help stretch the nose to make the tip protrude more beautifully and prevent piercing.

Augmenting the nose with ear cartilage involves using cartilage from the middle part of the ear (concha), approximately 2 centimeters in size, which is strong and durable. The surgeon will remove the cartilage, cut it into a circular shape, and sew it onto the silicone tip used for augmentation. This method of nose augmentation using cartilage from behind the ear is suitable for patients who have had previous nose surgeries and encountered issues such as inflammation, infection, or risk of piercing, as well as for cases where the body resists silicone.

The advantages of using nasal septum and ear cartilage are that they are easily obtainable, or if nasal septum and ear cartilage have already been used, costal cartilage can be considered instead. Therefore, individuals considering nose augmentation surgery should undergo a thorough evaluation by a physician to make an informed decision about the most appropriate surgical method for the desired outcome. Following surgery, it is important to follow the physician’s instructions diligently for the best possible results.


  • Can correct nasal shape issues in all forms
  • No piercing, reduces the risk of silicone deviation or tilting
  • Smooth texture, no silicone seam
  • Reduces the width of the nasal base
  • Natural-looking, beautiful nasal bridge
  • Can elongate the nasal tip, making it more protruding
  • No visible scars


  • Longer surgical time
  • Requires more expertise from the surgeon
  • Longer recovery time
  • Higher cost



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