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What is Radiesse program? Key features of Radiesse program Radiesse X5 program details Benefits of Radiesse program Areas treatable with Radiesse program Who is Radiesse program suitable for? Self-care before undergoing Radiesse program Self-care after undergoing Radiesse program How long does Radiesse program’s results last under the skin? Will the results of Radiesse program be visible immediately after injection? Precautions for injecting Radiesse program Side effects after injecting Radiesse program

What is the Radiesse program? The Radiesse program is an innovative dermal filler program that contains Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA) as its main component. It stimulates collagen production to lift and tighten the face with three key features.

Key features of the Radiesse program Strong Structural Skin: Reinforces the strength of the structural framework around skin cells, providing natural fullness to the skin. Profound Rejuvenation: Helps rejuvenate collagen in the skin tissue for elasticity, firmness, and reduced wrinkles and sagging from pollution and aging. Cell Regenerative Stimulation: Stimulates the process of generating new cells under the skin for a clear, healthy, and vibrant complexion.

Details of the Radiesse X5 program Stimulates the production of Collagen type I by up to 150%. Stimulates the production of Collagen type III by up to 130% *Collagen commonly found in children’s skin. Increases Elastin by up to 260%, making the skin more elastic. Increases Proteoglycan to moisturize the skin. Angiogenesis increases the nutrients to nourish the skin cells, making the skin radiant and pink.

Benefits of the Radiesse program The Radiesse program can naturally dissolve without residue under the skin. The Radiesse program is certified by the EU, US, and THFDA, and is also US-FDA approved for hand use. The Radiesse program has been used by doctors worldwide for over 20 years, with over 250 supporting research papers, and has gained popularity worldwide with over 15 million syringes used. The Radiesse program can be injected in both the middle and lower parts of the face, as well as other areas such as the hands or chest. The Radiesse program has two versions that can be used together for maximum effectiveness.

Areas treatable with the Radiesse program Treats fine lines, deep wrinkles, and sagging wrinkles on the face. Treats aging problems on the back of the hands. Facial reshaping for a firmer appearance. Treats sagging skin on the neck and chest for women. Treats scars, grooves, or pits caused by skin problems such as acne. Treats deep cheek grooves or reduces laugh lines. Treats wrinkles above the upper lip area.

Who is the Radiesse program suitable for? Self-care before undergoing the Radiesse program

Avoid taking blood-thinning medications, including NSAIDs or aspirin, or supplements such as ginkgo.

Inform the doctor in detail about any allergies.

Avoid skin peeling or using cell turnover products to prevent inflammation after treatment.

Self-care after undergoing the Radiesse program

Reduce strenuous activities.

Avoid exposure to sunlight or heat for about 24 hours after treatment.

After treatment, there may be redness or swelling. Avoid strenuous activity or heat in that area until the redness and swelling disappear.

How long does Radiesse program’s results last under the skin? The Radiesse program’s results can last under the skin for up to 1 year or longer, depending on maintenance and individual body conditions.

Will the results of Radiesse program be visible immediately after injection? The results of the Radiesse program are immediately visible in terms of wrinkles due to the amount of injected substance. However, the substance gradually exerts its effects to achieve long-term results under the skin.

Precautions for injecting Radiesse program • Not suitable for individuals with a tendency to bleed easily.

• Not suitable for individuals allergic to any components of the product.

• Not suitable for pregnant or lactating women.

• Not suitable for individuals with a history of severe allergies.

• Individuals with skin infections at the injection site, acne, or wounds should consult a doctor before injecting Radiesse program.

• If injections are required around the lips and eyes, consult a doctor for suitability and use the services of a skilled physician for injections.

• If the person receiving the treatment needs X-rays or CT scans, inform the treating physician that they have received the Radiesse program.

• If there is a history of keloid scarring, inform the doctor.

Side effects after injecting the Radiesse program

After injection, there may be temporary redness or bruising, which can resolve on its own.

There may be itching at the injection site, which can also resolve on its own.

There may be pain at the needle puncture site, which can lead to infection if scratched or rubbed.

These symptoms, whether itching, pain, or redness, can resolve on their own in 1-2 days. If they persist longer, consult a clinic for treatment.

There may be a change in color, such as skin becoming paler in the treated area. If this occurs, consult a doctor immediately.

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