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Rhinoplasty Techniques: Which One is Best?

Currently, there are three popular techniques for rhinoplasty, each with its own advantages and considerations. It’s important to assess which technique is most suitable for each individual to achieve a natural-looking, harmonious nose that fits the face. Let’s explore the benefits of each technique and determine which one may be the most suitable for you.

Close Rhinoplasty Technique: This technique is performed with incisions made inside the nostrils, minimizing impact on the surrounding tissue. It is a quick procedure with minimal downtime, and results are visible relatively soon. However, the downside is that this technique may not allow for extensive adjustments to the nasal structure.

Advantages of Close Rhinoplasty:

  • Lower cost compared to open surgery
  • Minimal swelling and bruising, quick recovery time
  • Easy post-operative wound care
  • Shorter surgical duration, no need for general anesthesia

Close Rhinoplasty is Suitable for:

  • Individuals without significant nasal structural issues
  • Those with adequate nasal cartilage and skin thickness
  • Individuals seeking subtle nasal refinement

Semi-Open Rhinoplasty Technique: This technique involves partially opening the nasal tissue to allow for more precise adjustments to the nasal structure. It offers the advantage of being able to refine the nasal tip more effectively, reducing the risk of visible scarring, and providing a more natural-looking result.

Advantages of Semi-Open Rhinoplasty:

  • Achieves a narrower, more refined nasal tip with a natural slope
  • Lower cost compared to open surgery
  • Hides scars inside the nostrils
  • Reduces the risk of nasal asymmetry, collapse, or deviation

Semi-Open Rhinoplasty is Suitable for:

  • Individuals seeking a beautifully refined nasal tip without significant structural issues
  • Those who have undergone previous rhinoplasty and require revision due to implant deviation or collapse

Open Rhinoplasty Technique: This technique involves fully opening the nasal tissue to directly visualize and address all aspects of the nasal structure. It is suitable for individuals with complex nasal issues or those requiring significant nasal augmentation or reshaping.

Advantages of Open Rhinoplasty:

  • Can precisely correct nasal structure
  • Can adjust prominence and choose shape as desired
  • Can augment in any shape
  • Can narrow and beautify the nose, creating a natural-looking nasal bridge
  • Can elongate the nasal tip, making it more protruding
  • Reduces the risk of silicone piercing, deviation, or tilting
  • Provides the desired nose shape, protruding tip, or droplet tip, even with minimal nasal volume



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