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SKIN REVIVE PROGRAM, the first-ever skin quality enhancement program that delivers genuine effectiveness, resulting in skin ready for use without the need for excessive makeup. This program harnesses the potent benefits of two primary components – Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerol (2 in 1). Together, these ingredients work synergistically to revitalize skin facing initial issues caused by sun exposure and various pollutants. Suitable for individuals with dry, dehydrated, and sagging skin, as well as those dealing with fine lines or shallow acne scars. The program enhances and maintains facial moisture, thereby improving overall skin quality.

Key Features of the SKIN REVIVE PROGRAM

Revive addresses skin concerns such as dehydration and lack of elasticity, offering a solution for those seeking improved skin texture, smoothness, and overall quality. The program aids in restoring facial moisture, increasing skin flexibility and firmness, resulting in a smoother and healthier-looking complexion.


The program employs the Cheek Checkered Technique (C.C Technique), utilizing a specialized 32G needle for serial puncture in the mid-deep dermis. This technique aims to enhance skin quality, providing both single and multiple injections with intervals of 4 weeks. The injection frequency can be customized based on individual skin issues and starting conditions, with additional injections recommended every 6-9 months for continuous improvement.


Based on the BELOVE study1, the SKIN REVIVE PROGRAM demonstrates clear and significant results with an impressive safety profile, including:

Skin Hydration: Improved skin hydration lasting up to 9 months. Skin Glow: Increased radiance lasting up to 9 months. Skin Elasticity: Enhanced skin elasticity for up to 7 months. Skin Firmness: Improved skin firmness for up to 7 months. At the 12-week mark, 100% of patients showed improved beauty aspects, with over 80% satisfied with results lasting up to 28 weeks, and more than 57% satisfied up to 36 weeks. Additionally, 90% of patients expressed a willingness to recommend the SKIN REVIVE PROGRAM to friends and close acquaintances.

Graphs illustrate increased skin moisture and reduced redness lasting up to 9 months, resulting in a healthy and radiant complexion.

Who is the SKIN REVIVE PROGRAM Suitable For?

Ideal for individuals with dry, dehydrated, and lackluster skin. Effective for those facing issues of reduced elasticity and firmness. Recommended for those with fine lines, shallow acne scars, or uneven skin texture. Suited for individuals desiring well-hydrated, plump skin without heavy makeup. Designed for those focusing on skin improvement rather than heavy makeup application.

Where Can the SKIN REVIVE PROGRAM Be Applied?

Face: for revitalized, smooth, and firm skin. Under Eyes: to moisturize and rejuvenate the delicate skin. Neck: for improved tightness and youthful appearance. Lips: to enhance fullness and moisture. Hands: for hydrated and non-drying skin.


Immediate 24 Hours Post-Injection:

Avoid touching, rubbing, or massaging the injected area to prevent filler displacement. Avoid using makeup and skincare products within the first 12 hours. First Week Post-Injection:

Refrain from heavy exercise or activities inducing sweating for at least one week.

Avoid sleeping face down.

Apply cold compresses to reduce swelling and bruising.

Two Weeks Post-Injection:

Avoid exposure to heat, such as saunas and direct sunlight. Refrain from facial massages. Do not squeeze or apply pressure to the injected area.

For Optimal Results:Schedule a follow-up appointment with the doctor for an evaluation 2-3 months post-treatment. Additional injections may be recommended based on individual needs. Consult with a medical professional if any doubts or abnormal reactions occur during the post-injection period.”


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