Subbrow Double Eyelid Surgery

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Subbrow Double Eyelid Surgery Technique (Subbrow) – What is it? Subbrow technique or double eyelid surgery with the Subbrow technique helps correct the problem of excess eyelid skin that droops, which results in unclear peripheral vision or sagging eyelids, making the face look older and less confident. The surgical incision is relatively small, with the plastic surgeon administering anesthesia and making an incision along the lower eyelash line, then removing excess skin. The amount removed will be assessed by the doctor, who will then close the incision using a special technique to blend it with the eyelashes, making it look natural.

What makes the Subbrow technique good? Small wound, minimal bruising, short recovery time Once the wound heals, eyeliner can be applied normally, giving a smooth appearance The face looks youthful and fresh, naturally In elderly people with drooping eyelids obstructing vision, clearer vision can be achieved Who is the Subbrow technique suitable for? People with already clear double eyelids but want to correct sagging eyelids People who want double eyelid surgery but have different eyelid levels or a lot of sagging eyelids. This technique helps achieve natural-looking double eyelids. Why choose double eyelid surgery with a plastic surgeon like Dr. Tony Before surgery: Plastic surgeons analyze the individual patient’s problem to choose the right corrective method, ensuring satisfactory results.

During surgery: Plastic surgeons are knowledgeable about the eye’s nerve structure, specializing in both eyelid and eyeball anatomy. They are aware of potential complications that may occur during surgery, ensuring careful monitoring and excellent care for beautiful and safe results.

After surgery: If there are any problems, plastic surgeons can accurately and quickly check for abnormalities after surgery, provide appropriate advice, and make patients confident in their safety.

How to take care of yourself after eyelid surgery

1: Apply cold compress for the first 3 days after surgery, then apply warm compress.
2: Avoid wearing contact lenses for 2-3 weeks after surgery.
3: Do not rub or touch the wound until it heals.
4: Keep the wound clean and avoid getting it wet for the first week. Clean the wound once a day.
5: Avoid using makeup around the wound.




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