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Temple Filler

ฉีดฟิลเลอร์ ขมับ

Temple Filler

Temple is a part next to the eye. It is one of the parts reflecting the aging condition. Skin volume at the temple decreases and makes a chamber. Someone might have some wrinkles here. Having a sunken temple makes a person look old and lifeless. Bones around the eye socket will be more obvious. From the physiognomy perspective, it affects bad luck in finance and love. For this reason, temple filler injection fills up the lost volume and wrinkles to resolve the sunken temple for a juvenile and healthy look.


Treating with Temple Filling Injection

When the skin loses flexibility and volume, which causes the sunken temple and the exhausted-look face, together with the frequent movement of eyes, lines and wrinkles around the eyes become obvious. Before injecting the filler at the temple, the doctor shall assess the lost volume and fill it up with the filler. The face will be balanced and has more dimensions. The ultimate result is the natural juvenile-look face.

Besides, temple filler injection needs serious caution because there are some significant aortas at all levels. A mistake possibly leads to blindness, necrosis, and paralysis. Therefore, the injection by a skillful and expert doctor is recommended for safety.

Jawline and Temple Filler Is Best for:

  • A person with the sunken or flat temple.

  • A person who has concerns with aging lines and wrinkles.

  • A person who would like to adjust the face shape to change the physiognomy.

Benefits of Jawline and Temple Filler Injection

  • Adjust the face shape to be lively and balanced.

  • The result is immediate, and will be obvious after 1-2 weeks of injection.

  • No pain but safe if injected by the expert doctor.

  • No recuperation and bruise.

Results After Temple Filler

  • A naturally juvenile look.

  • A firm and dimensional face.

  • Possible headache and stiffness which will last within 1-2 days.

  • Result remains effective for 1-1.5 years (depending on each individual).

  • Filler can dissolve naturally with no harm.

Preparation Before Filler Injection

Stop taking Vitamin E, fish oil, collagen, Ginkgo biloba, anticoagulants, and some painkillers (aspirin and NSAIDs) one week before injection. All these drugs would obstruct a stop of bleeding, which may cause the bruise from ecchymosis. Report the congenital disease, drugs or supplementary food allergy history, or pregnancy to the doctor before injection.

การดูแลหลังการฉีดฟิลเลอร์ ขมับ

Frequent Questions About Filler Injection *

Is filler injection hurt?

– We can use a local anesthetic or ice compress to reduce the pain. Most patients have mild pain or no pain during the treatment.

How long does it take for the treatment?

– An approximate treatment time is about 20 minutes, depending on the injection position.

What is the process?

– The doctor will assess and give suggestions before injection. Then, the anesthetic is applied before injecting at the desired region. The patient can return to their routine life after the injection without any scar or bruise.

How long does the result remain?

– The result of filler treatment remains for 6 to 18 months.

What is the appropriate age to have a filler injection?

– It is suggested for a person aged 18 years old and over.

Reasons To Do Under-Eye Filler Injection at Dr. Tony Clinic

– Use all authentic Botox and filler products from Allergan.

– Vein scanner is used to find the veins, so it ensures that there is no bruise.

– Blunt cannula is used, which is safe for the under-eye veins.

– Safe injection technique is applied for the natural results.

– Injected by the doctor who is an Allergan Medical Institute Trainer in Thailand for ten years.

– Injected by the doctor who uses the filler by Allergan in the first Top-3 ranks.

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