Duang – Monlada Pongpanit, Designer


I can still remember the first time I met Dr.Tony. He was very kind and polite. I was turning 35 back then and I wanted to start taking care of my self and my skin, so I’ve come to consult with him. I was very impressed by his advice of what I should, and should not, do to my skin that would still look natural and suited my face the most. Because I’d like to always feel beautiful and confident with myself, so I went to see him quite often. Sometimes he even told me that he would not do anything more to my face because it looks good as it is. I really appreciate this honesty. I feel like he’s really trying to give the best advice for his patients, not wanting to only take their money or try to give them unnecessary treatments.

I feel confident in myself everyday. Dr.Tony is really one of the best, and I’m so glad I’ve got to know him.