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Filler is a Hyaluronic Acid (HA) substance which has high chemical stability and liquid absorbent property. This substance is naturally present in human body, and will eventually be physiologically absorbed and degraded without leaving any chemical residue. Thus, it is safe to inject this chemical substance into your body since the chance that it would cause any harm or allergic reaction is very low. However, the injection must be done only by experienced and professional board-certified doctors to avoid any risk of injecting into the blood vessels.

How does filler work

Advantages of Filler Injection

HA filler injection performed by qualified dermatologists with qualified products approved from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a government agency responsible for food and drug safety, will give you a naturally replenishing and rejuvenating effect on the skin. Besides, HA filler is an innocuous substance which will leave no chemical residue after it completely dissolved. It will make you look younger, wrinkles appear smoother, with no severe allergic reaction and no downtime.

Popular Areas for Injection

  1. Nose Bridge: Enhance your nasal bridge without plastic surgery (nose job)
  2. Under Eyes: Fill your under eye area and smoothen eye bags
  3. Crows Feet: Makes the appearance of those crows feet wrinkles softer
  4. Cheeks and Nasolabial Folds: Take years off your face
  5. Chin: Augmenting your chin without surgery
  6. Furrows on the Forehead: Erase deep wrinkles or reshape your forehead
  7. Lips: Making your lips look fuller and reducing fine lines on your lips
  8. Acne Scars: Blur your acne scars and smoothen your skin
  9. Neck and Chest: Reduce your wrinkles along with firming and smoothen your skin
  10. The Back of the Hands: Reduce wrinkles and firming your skin for a rejuvenating effect

8-Point Lifting Technique

Aside from its replenishing effect, HA filler can also be used for facial lifting and firming.

Human faces consist of several pieces of fat called “Fat Compartment”. When we were young these compartments are contiguous and make the facial skin look elevated and firm, which also known as “Baby-fat Skin”. When we get older these fat compartments will gradually shrink and loose volume. This will create gaps between each compartment lead to flaccid skin on 8 common points between those compartments.

The filler is usually injected just beneath the skin surface to smoothen and fill in those wrinkles. Instead, in 8-point lifting technique, the filler will be injected deeper into the fat layer to bind all fat compartments by filling the gaps between them. When each compartment gets closer, the skin will gradually lift up and look more youthful.

Areas that use filler

Who Is Suitable for HA Filler Injection?

  1. Ones who would like to erase deep wrinkles
  2. Ones who suffer from sagging skin from aging
  3. Ones who suffer from under eye dark circles, eye bags, and deep eye sockets
  4. Ones who would like to make their lips look fuller or would like to have better-shaped lips
  5. Ones who would like to do a nose, forehead and/or chin augmentation
  6. Ones who would like to erase acne scars and tighten their facial pores
  7. Ones who would like to make their faces look moisturized with replenishing effect

Preparation Before Filler Injection

Avoid supplement intake such as vitamin E, fish oil, collagen, ginkgo extract, anticoagulants (anti-clotting) drugs, and some kind of pain relievers such as Aspirin and the other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) drugs, one week before the injection. As these drugs and supplements prevent the blood from clotting, they could result in bruising and bleeding spot underneath the skin. Furthermore, any congenital diseases, medical allergies records and/or pregnancy and lactation status are needed to inform the doctor before the injection.


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